Planners could hammer the final nail into Standard Quay’s coffin in just a few days. Please, take 15 minutes to watch The Quay and tell Swale councillors how you feel about the prospect of losing of Faversham’s last working quay after centuries of shipbuilding.

On Thursday April 11, Swale’s planning committee will decide the quay’s fate. If they grant permission for one of the listed former shipwrights’ sheds to be turned into a restaurant, the site will have no chance of any future as a working shipyard.

Local opposition is massive. The Town Council is against it, 60 planning objections were lodged and around 1,500 people signed a petition begging Swale to safeguard the quay from precisely this kind of development. However, a highly controversial report by planning officials recommends the restaurant scheme gets the go ahead.

Although the deadline for objections has passed, there is nothing to stop us writing to individual councillors on the planning committee and asking them to listen to the people they were elected to represent.

Their email addresses are on Swale Borough Council’s own website but we’ve gathered them together here to make it easier:

NOTE: I’ve been told that some of these emails may be out of date. If so, try these:



Nick Williams

Alan Willicombe

Jean Willicombe

Ghlin Whelan

Roger Truelove

Patricia Sandle

Colin Prescott

Bryan Mulhern;

Mike Henderson

June Garad

Mark Ellen

George Bobbin

Rick Barnicott

Mick Constable

 High Street
, Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey
, Kent
, ME11 5AA
(no email address provided)

Ben Stokes
1 East Green, Kemsley, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 2SB
(no email provided)

If you don’t have time to write individually to councillors, just cc them by copy and pasting this:;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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